I’ve been thinking about a blog for a while… months actually but I couldn’t decide on a name or what I’d actually write about once I had one started. Who knows how long I’ll actually keep this going or where the writing will end up going but I figured it would be good to get back into the habit of writing more. How sad that a journalism major only writes letters these days. I finally made up my mind last week to put one together and luckily I thought of something that fit me… when I’m restless, I take a walk or when I need to think or anything along those lines, walking helps.

I want to remember things that happen (good or bad) to us whether or not someone else ever reads this blog. It was a bad thing that got me going – isn’t it always.

On Tuesday night, DH and I rushed Dixie (our cat) to the ER because she had labored breathing. They ended up keeping her overnight in an oxygen box to help her breathe and filled her medicine to clear the fluid from her lungs. On Wednesday morning, we picked her up and brought her home with another med for her to take (she’s already on thyroid medicine) and an appointment to see the vet hospital’s cardiologist (I still can’t believe they exist) on Thursday morning.  After more tests and x-Rays, we had a prognosis – Unclassified Cardiomyopathy, which isn’t good. She’s got another medicine to add to the one from Wednesday morning and we take her back in two weeks to run the tests again to see if her lungs are clear and check for kidney damage.

We have to keep an eye on her for a breathing relapse. Hopefully, in two weeks, we’ll have a better idea of her health. The doc said that in most cases he sees with this is the cats live from a few weeks to six months. She seems to be doing okay right now – although she was annoyed with us for sticking her in the cat carrier (which is normal for her) so fingers crossed and the drugs work.

We spent the weekend just spending time with her and making sure she was comfortable. She started her purring up again on Saturday but there hasn’t been much drooling (which means I’m really, really happy) but she’s getting around and her breathing is good.


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