Another day.

Dixie has had some accidents at night. DH and I are going to try keeping her out in the living room until he goes to bed. She is either unaware that she needs to go to the bathroom or feels she can’t make it to the litter-box. We’re assuming this is a side effect from her new medication. I feel horrible that I didn’t think to ask when we were at the vet’s about any issues (besides kidney damage) with the drugs. I was just too happy she was still with us I guess.

I took a long walk around the neighborhood and onto my favorite trail this morning after I dropped DH off for the train. I didn’t workout today so felt like I needed to do something to make up for that… besides cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms.

Lunch is ready but I’m not really hungry. I have a pit in my stomach like I’ve been crying for hours so not really interested in food. I just know I should eat.

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