Another week.


Dixie, resting after a long day of being a cat.

DH and I didn’t do much this weekend except hang out with Dixie. She’s definitely feeling more like herself. She’s moving a little slower but she’s still very interested in food and what we’re doing and napping in various places. She hasn’t hidden in her tunnel for over a week. She’s wanted more lap time and even played a little bit with her catnip toys. Her purring has reached almost normal leaves but she isn’t drooling anymore, which was her mark of complete happiness. DH and I think her lack of drool is a side-affect from the medication she’s on and not a representative of her actual level of happiness.


Here’s the stash of pills and other stuff associated with Dixie’s current medication.

We’re glad she seems to be reacting well to the medication. She’s been on the latest medications since Sept. 27. We take her back to the vet cardiologist on Friday for another round of x-Rays and tests to see how things are going.


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