Early day.

Morning macro photography

After my morning workout, I got my coat and my camera and went outside to get the good light.

Another morning.

Another early morning.

Dixie did pretty well and didn’t wake me up today until 5; except it was only 4 with the fall back time. Poor kitty didn’t understand why I didn’t give her what she wanted without all the waiting. Since I was almost lucid, I got up around 5 (fall back time) and did a Tabatha-style workout for an hour. I caved halfway thru and gave Dixie her meds and her after-meds tuna figuring if she kept meowing like she was being tortured the cops would eventually show up.

 After I was done working out (with a light walking dvd to stretch my legs), I figured I should take advantage of the good light and get some pictures. Again, I didn’t take my tripod – this time because I didn’t think I could carry it after my earlier workout. Good thing because even my camera was heavy at times. My arms were tired and my legs were sore but made myself go out and find some flowers. Luckily, we live in CA and at an apartment complex that keeps their flowerbeds always looking good. (The picture at the top was taken between the leasing office parking lot and the sidewalk.)

Now, I think I need a nap.

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