Busy cutting out the flowers and leaves for my mom’s Christmas cards.

A couple of years ago, I made some poinsettia in flowerpot cards for Christmas. This year, my mom asked if I would make those cards for her. I said yes. Then she said she wanted 50; I said um… ok.

The flower pot portion of the card is pretty simple. I used this Split Coast Stampers tutorial as the basis to create a cutting document in Illustrator for my pazzle. Using 12X12 cardstock I could fit three “flower pots” per sheet. Lucky for me, I didn’t delete the file and haven’t experienced any issues with cutting these things out. I have a nice little pile waiting for me to catch up.

For the flowers, I used a digital stamping set from Fred She Said. I did try when I created these a few years ago to set up another file to cut these out after I ran the paper through my printer but it didn’t work. I just wasn’t able to quite line the think up so cut them all out. I didn’t have 50 to do though so I used scissors. Dumb. I tried that with the first sheet and barely finished it before my hand was cramping so I switched to an exacto knife and haven’t had a problem yet (aside from running out a blades).

I’ve been busy with cutting out flowers and leaves and I have a bunch of new sheets waiting for me so I better get back to it. I was hoping to have the completed cards in the mail today or tomorrow. HA! Even if it wasn’t Veteran’s Day that was just such a naive goal. 

Ah well. My blades and stacks of papers await.


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