Thanksgiving Day flowers we sent to DH’s parents, 2011.

I’m thankful for my family (esp. my husband) for just being around in the normal life sort of way that would be boring with anyone else but they make the ordinary – amazing.

I’m thankful for my family and friends who might think I’m crazy at times (ok, almost everyday) but still support me in my craziness no matter what I do.

I’m thankful for more time with our cat, Dixie, who is doing really well on her heart medication. She won’t be cured but she’s happy.

I’m thankful that after tomorrow I can listen to holiday music without drawing comments from my DH.

I’m thankful that I’m only responsible for dessert and dinner rolls for Thanksgiving dinner.

I’m thankful DH is off until next Monday so we can just relax, do nothing and catch up on episodes of The Walking Dead – because nothing says “Happy holidays!” like zombies.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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