2 months

Well, two months and three days ago. For some reason, I thought this all happened on Sept. 29th but it was Sept. 26th. Just more proof that I’m not perfect… Back to the story…


Dixie pretending to ignore me.

Two months and three days ago, DH and I rushed our cat to the vet ER because she was hardly breathing. Following a very long night, we had a tentative diagnosis of heart failure. The visit with the vet cardiologist confirmed it. We were told that she could have weeks or months to live before her heart would give out.  At her 3 week check-up, her lungs were clear and her tests were good.

I don’t think DH and I were expecting her to last this long but she’s still her old self – just with medication. She’s still interested in food and lap time and food and napping and sitting under tables. We’re hoping we’ll have her for a long time yet. However long it is; it won’t seem long enough.


Dixie, 2 months ago after her ER visit.


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