Christmas cards.


Work in progress. Snow Globe card awaiting a message.

I’ve been avoiding finishing up our Christmas cards since Thanksgiving. I wasn’t sure if my idea would work and I figured it would be messy. I was right on both accounts.

My original idea of having a “snow globe” lift up for the message “leaked” too much glitter that I figured the recipients wouldn’t enjoy too much. To fix those issues, I made it one piece. I’ll put the message on the front instead. I also had some problems getting the transparencies to stick to the paper causing a sealing problem. I finally found that the Scotch-brand clear glue worked the best.  Although Elmer’s dried clearer, the transparencies would buckle and pull away from the paper sides causing more leaks. Let’s just say we really need to vacuum under my craft table now.


Traditional paper card. I dig those wood veneer trees (Studio Calico) that I dyed with chalk ink.

I’m also making more traditional paper cards too. Mainly because my family likes to compare who got what card so making them all the same card doesn’t work without griping. I guess I should be grateful that they make me try new things. I just think that after working on my mom’s cards for way too long and then designing my mother-in-law’s digital ones, I’m just not in the Christmas card spirit anymore.

But DH is motivating me to finish today with the promise of dinner out. Hello, Christmas card spirit.


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