From Gumps, San Francisco – 2011

Christmas for me means ornaments. I have a lot of them. I have so many that they don’t all fit on our Christmas tree but that doesn’t bother me. It makes it more interesting every year to pull out different things and switch it up a bit.


Our tree.

Growing up, we always had a ton of ornaments. My parents wanted us to have our own collections for when we eventually moved out so every year they would give us a new one. Some years, they would buy a 4-set and we’d each get one and other times they’d buy something to reflect our interests at the moment. I knew DH was accepted into the family – prior to our engagement – when my mom bought him an ornament of his own. The only ornaments he owns are ones he has he received from me or my parents.

When we go on a trip, I get a new one to add to the chaos. Last year, my older sister crocheted me a bunch of snowflakes (a decoration theme from our wedding). I have ones from high school and college friends long since lost in the sands of time. I remember them every year when their ornaments come out.


In honor of our NYE 2005 wedding, Grandma gave us this ornament.

If we ever have kids, I hope to continue the tradition of getting them each their own annual ornament but with a few changes. Each box would be labeled with the recipient’s name and year to prevent future fights (this happened way too often!) and I’d probably take pictures too… more proof.

I’m currently working on a scrapbook cataloging my collection. My parents gave me quite a few but so did my grandma, my aunt and friends. Some I bought from different trips with DH. Not sure when this will be done since I started about two years ago and got far enough to cover the album and then went on to other projects. Maybe my goal for next year will be to get that album finished. Ha. I need another challenge.

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