Last lunch of 2012


MIL and I met for today at Piatti in Danville.(Photos from my iPhone.)

My Mother-in-Law and I meet for lunch a couple times a month. For our last lunch in 2012, we decided to go back to Piatti. We haven’t been there since the summer since it’s a longer drive for her. (We usually meet in Concord, which is roughly half-way between our towns).

DH would say that gelatto/ice cream counts as a sweet and should be banned under my no-sweets challenge. I don’t think so. We’ve been debating it all month. He references the sugar content, but if I went by that alone I wouldn’t be eating much. As for the sweets challenge itself, I was doing really well (not counting some ice cream) until last week when we got a yummy bundt cake from our apartment complex for a Christmas gift. Seemed a waste NOT to eat and DH wasn’t going to being raspberry lemon flavored. His loss.


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