In Progress.


First set of blocks pressed and waiting for additional strips.

I finally started sewing my mom’s other Christmas present. You know one that will definitely be late, but life (i.e. Christmas cards and scrapbook projects) got in the way… not to mention the fear I will mess this up. So the cut fabric waited. And waited some more. Then yesterday I realized that eventually I’d have to drag out the sewing machine and start. So I did.  To be honest, it’s not the most convenient place to be sewing since the tree is in the way and my craft table has remnants of glitter mixed with glue stuck all over the top but I think it’ll add something to the whole experience.

Yes, I’ve sewn before. No, I’ve never made a quilt before but I’ve been thinking about making her one since last Christmas. My mom and older sister crochet so I have loads of lovely stuff they’ve made me. Crocheting is not my thing. Mom gave up trying to teach me because I was so impatient. Sewing=Instant Gratification (Sort of). I feel like I’m getting somewhere.

off to make myself some soup for lunch before I hit the stitches again.


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