Christmas is over. Time to take down the tree… it’s always faster putting Christmas things up than putting them out to begin with. Why is that?

Good-bye, 2012. I know, I know I’m two days late. I thought about blogging sooner but I was busy being in the moment of whatever I was doing… Isn’t that the point of vacation really? Anyway, I was putting off admitting to failing on my end-of-year challenges completely. Oh, I did pretty well with avoiding sweets but then the 21st or 22nd came along and I cracked. I ate all sorts of good stuff and now I’m overly full. At least I didn’t celebrate the entire month of December, right? Let’s think positive. I was also crap about cooking. I think I managed one meal the first week and we had so many leftovers that we (meaning, “I”) ate leftovers for lunch and sometimes dinner for almost 10 days. It got a little old. I know, I know, “cry me a river.” Ah well. Tracking food. Eh – can we say middle of the month fail. I did pretty well (except on weekends and by the time I thought about going back and tracking I couldn’t remember what I had eaten two or three days earlier…) Eventually, I lost steam and interest and was busy with my various holiday projects so I didn’t care anymore.

End of the year positives:

We had an awesome time with our family over the holiday.

We had plenty of time together to just relax.

We had a great anniversary (7 Years! on New Year’s Eve).

As for me, I worked out almost every day of the holidays, except Christmas, Dec. 26 and New Year’s Day. (I basically overslept these days or I would have done some sort of workout. Some days, I only did a short 20-minute workout. The goal was to do something!)

Hello, 2013. I’m still getting to know you. Be kind.


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