Poinsettia tree my mom made as a Christmas gift and hats from our NYE’s fondue dinner.

Hello, 2013. Glad to meet you. I know, I know I’m (counting on fingers) one, two, three days late but the sentiment is still the same. I was debating what I wanted out of the New Year and mourning the loss of the old.

Plans for 2013:

1. Make stuff. (13 Craft projects)

2. Design stuff. (13 different design projects) I’ve got some ideas for already like creating my own Project Life cards for my album this year and re-designing my blog because it’s lame.

3. Cook more. (13 new recipes)

4. Get rid of stuff that we don’t need or use or have room for or want.

5. Take more photographs (I’m going to give myself a photo challenge every Friday for the year)

6. Lose last 15 lbs.

7. Explore where we live.

8 Join a group (book club, photo group, whatever)

9. Spend time relaxing.

10. Write more. (Blogging doesn’t count.)

11. Send more letters (as in snail mail).

12. Spend time with DH.

13. Go hiking again. (DH and I use to go hiking almost every weekend when we lived in Sonoma County but since we relocated we’ve given it up.)

So, off I go to finish my quilt for my mom. I’ve got a fair bit to go with a goal of finishing it by next Friday so I can ship it home. Fingers crossed.


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