Home again.


(Left) This morning waiting at the vet. (Right) This evening waiting at the vet.

Dixie is home again.

We don’t have a clear idea why she hasn’t been eating but we know that it isn’t her thyroid or her heart again. She got some meds to increase her Potassium levels and fluids and an appetite med so she’d want to eat and we’re going to see what happens. We’re stopping her aspirin and Glucosemean therapies.

Vet suggested chicken baby food (so nasty looking) and Dixie went to town eating two teaspoons in less than a minute. She’s been up twice to check the bowl to see if the food fairy has visited. We want to wait a bit before she eats to make sure she doesn’t get sick. Hopefully, she’ll keep eating when we give her more later.

Her Vet is calling for a follow-up consult tomorrow and we already had her three-month check up scheduled with her cardiologist for next Friday.

More waiting. Things are looking better though and she’s purring again.

All good signs, right?

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