L: Dixie & me (photo DH) R: Waiting to pick up kitty. (Both iPhone pictures.)

After a stressful week worrying about Dixie the cat, things are settling down. We had to take her to her regular vet last Friday after she wasn’t eating for two days. She spent the day at the vet office and got fluids, Potassium and an appetite stimulant with further instructions to feed her chicken or turkey baby food (as well as syringes to force feed her if necessary…). About an hour or so after we got home, she started eating the chicken baby food, which looks nasty but she ate almost the entire jar within 4 hours. Yeah! No force feeding required.

The next morning, she wasn’t interested. So I offered the turkey baby food and she ate a tablespoon or so of that before deciding she didn’t want that either. After letting her sleep a bit, we gave her tuna and she ate that. And kept eating her tuna so Sunday we moved to wet food. Her vet called Sunday morning to see how things were going and suggested another dry food so we tried that Tuesday. It’s delicious from how fast she ate it. Double cheer.

Her vocal noises (meows and other things) have sounded off – more whiny then usual but she’s sounding more herself every day.

Today, we had her three-month check up with her cardiologist and he said everything looks good. Her kidney levels were elevated last week but have fallen and every thing else looks similar to her check up in October. Way better news than we could have hoped for. So after a week of worry things are looking good. She still has heart disease, of course, and she isn’t going to get better but she hasn’t gotten worse so we’re as happy as we can be for now.

Sorry I haven’t posted this week but I was either sitting with the cat or sewing on my mom’s quilt. I’ve actually gotten the top pieced together with lots more matching seams than I expected and no tears to date. I call that a good week all around.

I need to cut the rest of the fabric for the backing so I can piece that together. I had hoped to mail the finished quilt today but that’s not going to happen. Maybe I’ll get it done early next week so I can ship it home. I really don’t want to stick it my suitcase.

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