Stretching my legs out after basting the quilt.

I’m still working on my quilt for my mom. I had hoped to get it quilted and bound before I left for my visit home on Friday. Ha.

Things went okay Monday. Basting took longer than I thought and I almost had to do it on our concrete deck since the quilt was larger than our kitchen and bigger than our craft table. I finally decided to flip over our area rug and use the back of that. It worked better than I hoped but I think I could/should have pinned more. It’s my first quilt so I’m expecting issues.

Anyway, yesterday morning, I decided I should make a doll quilt to practice the walking foot on since I have never quilted before or used a walking foot on a sewing machine. (People who really know me will be so proud because normally I’d have shrugged and gone ahead with quilting as originally planned.) I made the doll quilt big enough to  fit the doll cradle my dad made back when I was two or three (my older sister gave hers to her daughter) so I’m hoping dad made them a similar size and my niece will be surprised when it arrives.


Practice doll quilt I made today so I could practice with the walking foot on my machine.

It took a couple of hours to put it together but it definitely helped me overcome my walking foot nerves… (and I got to say that I enjoyed making the doll quilt much more than I expected.) However, quilting a 18X24 in quilt is WAY different than a throw that’s almost the size of a twin.

I read a bunch of different tutorials and watched some videos to see how other way more experienced quilters handled quilting on a small machine. Obviously, it didn’t quite sink in. Too bad I didn’t check my back after the first line of stitching.

I managed three lines on my mom’s quilt before I realized how badly I had screwed up. I spent about 2 hours yesterday slowly taking out those lines and I’m not done yet. For the first time for this whole project, I wanted to burst into tears and throw my seam ripper. Instead, I sighed loudly and turned on the TV to see what shows I had in my queue… I spent the rest of the day watching Law & Order: SVU episodes from October… The Thanksgiving and Christmas commercials just added to the viewing. (I haven’t been watching near as much TV as I use to… mainly because I’ve been crafting…)

So after my errands today, I’ll be back on our couch watching TV and ripping out the quilting I did yesterday. I’m mentally sighing just thinking about it but it has to be done. I think hand-quilting might be the way to go. Or I could find someone to do the quilting for me. HA! I like that idea even better but I want to be able to say I made this (without any qualifiers). My pride hasn’t given up the fight yet… I do think I might be sticking to smaller quilts after this current one is finished.

I’m planning on practicing binding on the doll quilt before I move to my mom’s too so I should finish them both about the same time.



One thought on “Basted.

  1. You can do it! Your quilt is so lovely and will look fantastic when it’s done. I had a terrible time with the thread tension when I was quilting my second quilt and it really got me down to be so close yet so far away. In retrospect, it wasn’t so bad. Can’t wait to see the final product!

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