A present from Sonoma County, Ca., our former county.

A present from the Superior Court in our county was waiting for me when I came home this week from visiting my family. I was thrilled as anyone would be. I’ve gotten them every year like clockwork since we moved here. I think they have a very short list of people to cull from or maybe I’m just special.

My first summons ever though was from our former County, but we had already moved so I was able to fill out their little form and send it off with glee. Ha. I immediately received a “Welcome” letter from our new county. Ugh. But no matter, grumbling aside, I haven’t had to actually go in for Jury Duty so I generally don’t worry too much about the summons when they come. Today, I got another one from our OLD county requesting my presence. Ugh. Don’t they update their lists ever? I mean, we’ve lived here for over four years. They even mailed it to our current address (no forwarding from the Post Office).

I added a little note this time asking politely for them to remove my name from their lists. We’ll see what happens but no matter I already have my present from our current county waiting on my desk. What are the odds of getting two in the same week from separate counties? DH had a good laugh. He hasn’t gotten any from Sonoma ever… I think he’s jealous.


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