My pedometer with yesterday’s total before I picked DH up at the train station.

12,500 steps a day. That’s my goal. Every day. Well most days. I try for six days a week because I like to take Saturday off from exercising so I don’t wear my pedometer on Saturdays unless we go hiking or on vacation somewhere. It does miles/meters, time and tries to figure out the calories. I’m not sure how accurate those functions are but I don’t use them much. Only on vacation really when we’re walking around somewhere new.

For a long time, I took a walk every day. (That’s pretty much where my blog name came from…) Then last year after Dixie first got sick I didn’t want to leave her alone too long until we knew if the medications were working (which they are!) but by then I was swamped with various holiday projects that kept me busy at the craft table. I realized I wasn’t walking as much when I started getting tired going up the apartment complex stairs repeatedly… something that wasn’t really an issue before. I was still working out five or six times a week but the rest of the day I was sitting down and doing my craft stuff. At the beginning of the year, I updated my SparkPeople.com goals from 10,000 steps a day to 12,500 and then started to get myself outside every day even if I only managed a quick walk around the block. But then I went home for 10 days. It was so cold the first few days I was there. My family couldn’t stop teasing me. I seriously wore three shirts/sweaters and all the blankets I could steal almost the entire time I was there. I was so cold. You probably guessed that daily walks weren’t much of a concern.

But now I’m home and the weather is so warm (comparatively!) that I’m wondering if shorts and sandals will be a requirement soon. The mild weather makes it much easier to get myself out and about every day. I even went on my favorite trail walk yesterday to see if the daffodils lining the trail were out yet. (They’re not but will be soon!) I’m glad I took the walk before they blossomed I would have felt like I missed spring completely if they had been in full bloom the first time I got that way. I’ll definitely be taking that longer walk a few times a week for the foreseeable future so I don’t miss spring this year. It’s only February so it’d be sad to miss it.


Section of trail before the daffodils bloom along the fence.

In a few days maybe, spots of yellow will start appearing along the fence. Spring will be in full swing then.


Daffodils before they blossom.

On the other side of the fence, you can see that the daffodils are getting ready to blossom any day. It seems so wrong to be talking about daffodils in early February. It’s been hitting 60 or so almost every day since I got back home. We didn’t have much winter rain this year but it doesn’t seem to have affected the daffodils. At least not yet.

Off to do random stuff.


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