Dixie in 15 poses in less than a minute.

Alright. I had big plans this week. You know like I do every week but Dixie had to throw in a curve ball because MY plans weren’t exciting enough.

Short background story: Dixie was diagnosed with an enlarged heart and is on various medications. This week, she had a panting episode of rapid breathing. I called the vet and they thought it was a heart “flutter” and that if it happened again to call her vet cardiologist and take her in. Long story short, it happened again yesterday afternoon so I dropped everything and called her cardio vet and took her in. They ran a bunch of tests and ruled out her heart being the cause of her panting and labored breathing. Good news. Bad news because they don’t know what caused the issues. Right now, she’s in her bed, not sleeping. Usually, she’s meowing because I’m on the computer and ignoring her wonderfulness. She doesn’t seem to care right now. Sigh.

Now, I’m back to waiting to hear from her regular vet what we should do next. I’m concerned because she isn’t eating as much as she should but at least she’s been drinking water. (She needs lots because of her medications.)

I’m off to stare at kitty.

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