I basted my quilt again.

Before all the drama with Dixie started on Thursday afternoon, I was in the midst of re-basting the quilt for my mom. Taking out the stitches from my first failed quilting attempt took forever. And then I put off working on it for a few days.

I pressed the quilt top again on Monday with intentions of starting basting on Tuesday but Dixie had her first panting attack early Tuesday morning and I spent the rest of the day waiting for the vet to call. Not the right mind frame for quilting.

Thursday I had to press the quilt top again (my own fault for how I hung it up) and the quilt back because keeping it nicely folded for two weeks left creases. Anyway, I had everything taped down and was halfway through my second basting row when I heard the sound of Dixie vomiting in the office. (I’ll be honest and admit my first thought was :Thank God she threw up in there and not out here on my quilt. The next was: Oh no.) Then there was the panting, etc., that I wrote about yesterday.

When we got back home, Dixie crawled into her bed and went to sleep so I figured I should finish quilt basting. I made sure to use way more pins this time. I actually had to run down to the store at the corner and get some regular safety pins so I could finish. By the time I was done, I was stiff everywhere but happy to have finished. I rolled it up and put it out of the way.

Now, I just need to prep myself for quilting round 2. Deep breaths. No time today since the in-laws are coming. We’ll see about tomorrow. Monday’s out because I have to go in for jury duty.


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