Jury duty.

I made it to the courthouse with time to spare. We watched an orientation video and then the first 80 people were called to a courtroom. I was happy I wasn’t called. Five minutes later, I joined the second batch of 80 people in another courtroom. Fun. The judge talked a bit (explaining the process and what our roles would be if picked) then we got kicked out of the room while they finished last minute preps for the questionnaire section. We were pulled back in and spent the next 30 minutes or more filling out an ongoing list of stuff that didn’t seem to end. We were all told to come back on Thursday for additional questioning and jury selection. Fun.

I was done before lunch so I called DH and met him in the city for lunch. We had a nice visit before I jumped the train home.

Dixie was glad to see me. She’s spoiled and not alone for long periods of time much anymore.

Tomorrow, I get to do my usual Monday stuff.


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