Jury duty II

On Monday, I went to the courthouse as directed on my little jury love card. I’ve never actually had to go in to a jury call before. I’ve always been told to stay home (“Yeah!”). It wasn’t too bad, but I admit the cheesy “being-on-a-jury-changed-my-life” video (complete with various scenes of California’s grandeur (“Hello, Yosemite! And San Diego! And I think there were Redwoods! With hang-gliders!!”) was a bit over the top for my tastes. The people next to me were chuckling too so I guess I wasn’t the only one who refused to drink the kool-aid. Anyway, I got picked in the second group of 80 and sent to a courtroom to meet the judge and co. Good times. After his welcome speech, we got to fill out pretty intense questionnaires about our backgrounds, beliefs, etc. seemed like a weird job interview. Then we got to go home with the joy of returning on Thursday (tomorrow!) for jury selection. 

I’ve spent the last two days doing stuff that might not get done if I am picked to serve on the jury tomorrow. I’m hoping I get a pass. DH thinks I have a very slim chance and keeps saying not to worry but I like to be prepared so I did a big shopping run for essentials yesterday and various chores.

Until tomorrow. Or later.

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