Flowers 2


Flowers from the vet specialist office.

I was doing pretty well yesterday until my post-lunch walk. When I had gotten home from meeting my MIL, a UPS note was on the door directing me to the office for a package. No biggie but I figured I’d take a walk and pick up the package on my way home.

When I walked in the complex office, the lady behind a desk jumped up and said “Hi, Amanda! Your flowers are so pretty. I’ve been so jealous all day –

I explained I didn’t know anything about any flowers but I was there for a UPS package. Thinking there might be a call waiting for me on the answering machine at home, I shrugged, took the flowers and packages (yeah there were two… not sure how long the other one was in the office… hm…) and headed home. (No message at home so if I hadn’t have gone in, she would have gotten some nice flowers.)

Anyway, I wasn’t too bad until I saw that Dixie’s vet cardiologist office had sent them. I cried. (OK, I sobbed. alot.) And I couldn’t get myself over the hump to get interested in my planned projects for the afternoon so I didn’t watch the training video or quilt… I just lived in that funk until it was dinner time and managed to pull myself out before going to get DH from the train station. It sucked.

The flowers make me smile but they make me sad too.

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