After way longer than I planned, I finished the quilt for my mom this weekend!

It’s done! Go me! Is it perfect? No! Am I happy with it anyway? Yes! Will my mom be happy and surprised? Definitely!

I used the Squares & Strips tutorial on Cluck Cluck Sew. For a completely quilting newbie, I found her directions concise and easy to follow. (I’ve been sewing since I was a kid though so I’m sure that helped too.) I would have planned things out differently with my own fabric had I cut a quilt before with saving the more fussy patterns for larger blocks and using the plaids, dots and stripes for the framing. But you live and learn and then you rip out your seams.


Extra binding rolled for a later project.

Last week, I cut my own bias binding using the method 2 tutorial from JayBird Quilts. Again, I found the directions fairly easy to follow. I did make a few mistakes but that was due to my own generally klutziness (cutting through the fabric in another spot while cutting the line with scissors) and forgetting why I had pinned the fabric the way I did and having to rip out stitches. I cut way more binding then I needed for the quilt I made so I rolled it up as suggested and stuck it in a drawer.

DH was very proud that I finished the quilt, esp. after all my setbacks with the first round of quilting I did. He was expecting the pieces to end up in a drawer or ashes burnt on our deck, I think. What can I say? He knows me pretty well. I had moments of really wanting to give up but I wanted to say I finished the stupid thing at the same time.

In the last couple weeks, it’s helped keep my mind off missing Dixie too much. Now, I’m done so I don’t know if I’ll start another project or just mope around for a bit.


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