Doll quilt with pillows in cradle.

I finally packaged up the quilt for my mom and the little doll quilt, sheet and pillows I made for my 6 year old niece and sent them off via UPS last week. For the doll quilt, I used the cradle my dad made me when I was 2 or 3 for Christmas. (He made the walnut stain from trees in the yard. My older sister got one too that year. The only difference I remember was that her finish was darker…) The cradle is the only piece of woodworking I have that my dad made. He made all sorts of things while I was growing up… even all my teenage bedroom furniture because they didn’t have money to buy it like they had for my older sister. My sister’s furniture is long gone but my old bedroom furniture was taken over by my brother when I left for college. It’s pretty plain and far from fashionable but it’s sturdy and still manages to corral my brother’s crap. 

I have some great memories of playing with this cradle. We even use to stand in and rock ourselves. (It only survived this long because of some quality build construction on my dad’s part.) My sister’s daughter loves the cradle she has at home and is the envy of all her friends for having baby bed that rocks.

Off for errands and stuff.


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