Victoria, BC, Canada from our cruise ship, 2011

I’m jealous. I can admit it. I’m sitting here waiting for maintenance to arrive to fix our broken toilet while my in-laws are heading back to Victoria, BC, Canada for a mini-vacation (anything shorter than a week, according to my MIL).

We all went on an Alaskan cruise back in 2011 and all loved the time in Victoria but it was really too short to do everything. I think we were there for about 6 hours. After much discussion, they finally decided to go back this spring so they could have more time Butchart Gardens as well as tour the actual town since we only had time for an abbreviated trip to the gardens in 2011.


flowers, Butchert Gardens – Victoria, BC, Canada, 2011

Walking around taking pictures of flowers all day? My kind of trip. That’s why I loved Hawaii too. You don’t want to know how many pictures I took. It took me days to sort through them all.

At least, I have the slideshow when they return to enjoy but I think I’d have preferred to go too. Ah well. We can’t have everything.

On the plus side, I don’t have to go to the airport and deal with the airlines. That makes me happy.

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