My 2003 Sentra hit 45K miles this morning.

If there was any doubt that I’m a dork, today’s picture will kill it. It’s official. I’m a proud to be a dork. When I pulled into the parking garage spot this morning after dropping DH off at the train, I was so excited to see the mileage gauge reading “45,000”. I’ve had this car since 2003. I bought it “used” – with 7,500 miles on it from the dealership where it was one of the managers’ second car, back before DH and I were even engaged… (Insert blissful sigh here.) I remember how my engagement ring would send rainbows everywhere while I drove to work. When I turned 30, my car hit 30K miles that same month. Now, over five years later, I’ve only put 15K miles on it. (Proof that I’m not a big driver… I’d really rather walk places, but that isn’t always feasible.) Every time I take my Sentra in for maintenance, the people helping me shake their heads at the low, low mileage. I had to put $300 into new belts last week but I think that was a sound investment considering we’ll probably have it for another 10 years at this rate. Unless someone makes me an offer I can’t refuse to let this baby go.


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