My purse camera – a refurbished Canon G9

DH gave me the refurbished Canon G9 for Christmas way back in 2008. I wanted something that could live in my purse (unlike my 20D, my main camera back then) and that would stand up to being around me. I’m a klutz. I break things. Keeping my SLR camera in my purse (no matter how well protected) was asking for problems. I specifically asked for this model because of the high reviews and shot raw. I didn’t care the G10 was already out.

I use this thing almost everyday. Most people rely solely on the camera phones but I find the picture quality upsetting if I want to use the pictures for anything other than web posts or small pictures in my project life album. Even with my Iphone, I rarely go a day without dragging my G9 out for something.

Fast forward until yesterday. I had just finished taking macro pictures of the aftermath of a surprise shower when my G9 made a funky noise as I turned off. I shrugged and figured I needed to charge the batteries. Nope. I took it for a walk later yesterday afternoon and couldn’t get anything other than a funkier noise and a “lens error, restart the camera” note on the screen. I changed the batteries again and turned the thing off and on a bunch of times and then put it aside for DH to look at when he got home.

DH tried everything I did and a bunch of other stuff… including whacking it – just more protests and then lens stopped opening at all. So now I have a great paperweight.

See how nicely it keeps scrapbook paper from blowing around the room? So sad.

(Insert a moment of silence here.)

Maybe I can get a G15…

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