I posted some pictures last week from my trip to Yosemite over Mother’s Day weekend. I was planning on posting more, but got swept up in the I-should-finish-other-projects mentality that sweeps into my mind from time to time. DH helpfully pointed out that the Christmas cards I was working don’t need to be done before Thanksgiving and the wedding album I’ve been making is on a wedding from November 2009. I got his point. What’s another day or two? Or three?

We drove in from Merced where we spent the night. Stopping for the night meant we could sleep in Saturday morning and just break up the drive.


Top: Left: Yosemite Entrance, Right: Yosemite Falls from bike path
Bottom: Left: Our rental bikes, Middle: Yosemite Falls from trail, Right: Yosemite Falls
Background paper from K Pertiet at DesignerDigitals.com

Our room at the Yosemite Lodge wasn’t available until 5 p.m. so we had lunch and then rented some bikes. Mine was borrowed while we were getting ice cream and we had to walk back. I spent the rest of the day scoping out other bikes to see if they were mine. I think someone just grabbed the wrong one. Ah well.


Top: Left: Yosemite Lodge sign at reception, Right: Deer near lodge buildings from sidewalk.
Middle: Left: Half Dome, Right: Camp Curry sign at night
Bottom: Flowering dogwood tree
Background paper from K Pertiet at DesignerDigitals.com

After dinner, we picked up our room key and unpacked. I always empty out my bags unless I’m staying for a night; otherwise, I don’t feel like I’m on vacation. Once it got dark enough, we took my tripod and camera gear over to Camp Curry for some night photography before calling it a day.


Top: Left: Yosemite Falls from Yosemite Lodge bus stop, Middle & Right: From Mist Trail path.
Bottom: Left: Waterfall from Mist Trail, Right: Nevada Falls from Mist Trail bridge.
Background paper from K Pertiet at DesignerDigitals.com

We planned our hike for day 2 since we could get up and take our time. At the base of the trail, there was a posting that part of the John Muir loop was closed due to a rock slide the day before. We were hoping that this wouldn’t effect our hike, but it did.


Top: Left: Mist Trail bridge, Right: John Muir Trail sign
Middle: Left: Vernal Falls, Right: Another waterfall from Mist Trail as we walked back.
Bottom: Left: Back towards bridge. Taken from the same spot (different direction) as the Vernal Falls picture.
Background paper from K Pertiet at DesignerDigitals.com

We found out for sure once we reached the turn off, which was closed off with yellow caution tape. We walked up the Mist Trail until it was too wet and slick. DH needs glasses to see and I’ve mentioned before I’m a klutz so we turned around.

We went back to our room to drop some stuff off and then had lunch before spending the rest of the day walking around the various trails near the valley floor. Nothing strenuous but completely enjoyable.


One last drive around the valley before heading home.
Background paper from K. Pertiet of DesignerDigitals.com.

We made pretty good time getting home before five.


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