Parking lot at town park on July 4th.

I’m back again. Not that I was really “gone” somewhere but DH had taken off all last week so we were busy doing stuff together. When he went back to work on Monday, I was playing catch up with errands and things. I’m now officially caught up.

We were planning on going into San Francisco last week but BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) was on strike for most of the week and it was so hot (hitting 102 on July 4th) that we didn’t really want to go outside. Instead we did a bunch of errands and chores DH has been avoiding for months. We stayed up late and slept in and ate out. Probably relaxed way more than we would have on an actual vacation. He was much happier this weekend than I’ve seen him in months (work related stress from projects ending) so it was all good.

As for the picture above, our town doesn’t shoot off fireworks. Instead the powers that be, barricade large sections of city park parking lots, provide dumpsters and people set off their own stuff instead. Nothing big or glamorous but lots of fire and smoke. We usually walk down and watch for an hour or so before the smoke gets too thick.  (And yes they have police officers walking around the edges.) If you go, get there early because all the good spots are definitely gone before sundown.

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