The hunt.


Flower in backyard of house we toured.

DH and I have talked off and on about buying a house. I mean, we’ve had this conversation quite a few times and for one reason or another decided it wasn’t the right time for us. This turned out to be a good thing when we were living in the North Bay and DH decided to switch jobs. He’d have had limited options or a really long drive into the city. Renting meant we were free to move once our lease expired. No drama.

More recently, we had this talk last summer and decided to wait until December by then Dixie was diagnosed with her heart issue and we didn’t want to stress her out with moving. Something both her regular vet and cardiologist agreed would probably cause issues. So we waited. We were happy to have the extra time with our cat, but she’s been gone for a couple months now and we’re ready to move on.

Back in May, I spoke to a realtor recommended by some of our close friends who sent us to a loan person specializing in first time buyers. They’ve both been great. The loan person gave me a list of stuff to send so we could pre-qualify for a loan. Anyone who has started this process knows how long that list is. I guess most people take some time to get everything pulled together and sent because our guy was pretty surprised to get the package two days after our initial talk. (Honestly, if I had waited, we’d have kept putting it off and, at least, getting it sent we’d know if we were even eligible for anything in our area.)

It’s mid-July now and most weekends have included at least one open house. (We hit our max last weekend with five open houses and two drive-byes to scope out the property/neighborhood.) So far, we’ve bid on two houses and haven’t gotten either, but we’re in apartment so we’re in no rush and can take our time. The whole process can get frustrating at times, but mostly I think I’ve enjoyed it. Not sure about DH. He certainly moans a bit when any open house is mentioned but once there he is very interested in the property and sharing his thoughts, which tells me he still wants to buy.  Whenever that might be.

I’m sure we’ll be out there again this weekend for another round of scoping out neighborhoods and peeking into closets.


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