36 + 1 day.

My birthday was yesterday. It sort of sucked. I’m not so hung up on the age thing but maybe that was part of it. I had a doctor’s appointment in the morning (not a fun way to start) and just getting there was a pain in the ass. Almost crashed when a lady “merged” in front of me without signalling luckily the shoulder was wide enough that I was able to swing around her because stopping was not an option. Unfortunately, there was an accident further up the freeway so a 20-minute drive turned into an hour. Followed by unexpected news at the doctors. Nothing completely terrible “we’re waiting and seeing”. Needless to say I treated myself to a semi-sob fest once I got home, greasy fries for lunch and an ice tea.

It could’ve been worse but it could have been better.  At least the day ended with a giant ice cream sundae cookie with DH.

And I learned something, which is always good, right? Never schedule a doctor’s appointment for your birthday.


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