House I toured today.

I decided that I’d shake my mood off from yesterday and assume today would be better. So far, I’m pleased to report it has worked.

I spent most of the morning driving to various homes on the market to see if we’d want to tour them during their open hours over the weekend or make an appointment with our realtor to see them on our own. Lucky for me, all but one of the fives homes were open for realtor showings so I got to do a preview tour and narrow things down.

Not sure if any are possibles. I know the one that wasn’t open is off the list because it sounded as if the home was sitting right on the freeway. No thanks. The other ones had good things and bad but nothing I really hated. Although one did look like they ran out of money halfway through a remodel and just decided to move instead. I’d have least put the doors back on the kitchen cabinets (no it wasn’t some design decision! Someone took them.) I’m thinking DH needs to see that one because he wouldn’t believe me otherwise… even with my picture evidence. (The photo above is NOT from that house, BTW).

That house did have two cats so it wasn’t all bad. No dogs though.


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