Cross off day 2


Since I’m heading back home on Saturday for a two-week visit, I decided to challenge myself with going to the gym three mornings this week. I went on Monday and did the stairmaster and rowing machine for 45 minutes (total). Today, I got myself out of bed at 6 (this was much easier when I needed to give Dixie her meds…) and did 50 minutes on an elliptical machine. At home, I followed that up with a yoga session via my iPad because my muscles felt tight and, if I’m completely honest, it was too late to take a shower before I had to take DH to the train. I’m really starting to dig yoga. I always feel so much better after… sometimes physically, sometimes mentally, and a few times both. I’ve yet to regret any yoga workout whereas I’ve had several weight or cardio workouts that I was regretting for days after.

Anyway, off to do pre-vacation errands.

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