ImageI got up early this morning and went to the gym. Go me! So now I can cross off day 3 for going to the gym this week. Even though I did a pretty short workout there… only 27 minutes on the StairMaster but I got myself out of bed and went. When I got home, I did a yoga class app because my leg muscles felt tight. I didn’t stretch enough before I left the gym.

I’m thinking that weekly goals might be the way to go. I’ll see what happens after vacation. I am planning on working out while I’m home, but at night before bed so that will be an adjustment and my mother in law will be with me so I’m not going to be as rigid with my daily workout routine as I usually am while I’m home visiting.

I ran errands pretty much all morning and then came home and started packing. I hate packing for vacation. I’m never sure I packed everything I needed and I always forget something and take stuff I never use. Tomorrow will be a long day. My mother in law will be arriving here at by 10 so DH can drive us to the airport with time enough for lunch before we go through security. I’m just hoping that we aren’t delayed or anything.

Back later this month.

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