Ephrata Cloister




Since the government was still shutdown on Monday, Oct. 14, MIL, my friend from NJ and I decided to drive to Lancaster to tour the Ephrata Cloister. We had double checked the website so were rather bummed to find the place locked up tight with a “closed for COLUMBUS DAY!” sign hanging on the visitors’ center door. Well, now what? We decided to walk around a bit anyway and at least get pictures since we wouldn’t be able to come back later in our visit.


It was one of those crisp fall days that seem cliche and impossible. Perfect for walking around in the fallen leaves and kicking apples on the ground. We even climbed onto the stage and stuck our faces in the cutouts there for pictures. (You’ll just have to imagine how awesome those looked.)


We probably spent an hour or so there before we had our fill and moved on to where to have lunch. Since we were out that way, we met up with Mom, my sister A and my niece who were at the Herr’s factory before skipping off to a pottery studio in the middle of Lancaster’s farm fields. We were so far out there that I thought the GPS had led us wrong. Nope. It just was way, way out there with nothing but corn fields to look at.


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