Trip home.


My mother-in-law and I left to visit my family in PA on Oct. 12. We got to the airport and had to wait (as usual). Then our flight was delayed for 45 minutes no one said why at the time. Once we were all on-board, we were told that there was an engine issue and the maintenance team was continuing to work on the issue. About 15 minutes later, we were kicked off the plane because it was going “to be awhile” and were told to take everything with us since another plane might be requested. It took about a half-hour before they told us they had requested another plane from the maintenance yard at SFO so we only had to wait for it to brought over and cleaned. Finally, two hours or more later, we were back on a plane and getting ready for take off.

We had a pretty uneventful flight otherwise but didn’t land until after midnight. Picking up our rental car was another 45 minutes of my life I wish I still had, but finally we were on the road and heading to MIL’s hotel. I managed to miss a turn, even with GPS, because the back roads can be so dark. I almost hit a deer too that was standing in the road. My MIL never even noticed. (When my mom told her I almost hit a deer, MIL thought it was after I had left her at the hotel and was driving to my mom’s house.) I wasn’t the only one half a sleep. I finally arrived at my mom’s and climbed the stairs dragging my 47-pound suitcase and camera gear (exact weight unknown) as her hall clock struck 3 a.m.

Mom was napping on the couch for me. She got up to help me drag my bags and I just remember her saying how glad she was I had gotten there. I looked at her and said, “I think I’m going to start crying.” And promptly did just that. (This never happens. By the time, I arrive I’m usually bouncing off the walls with glee and pent up energy.) After asking if I was pregnant, No!, just exhausted and a quick rundown (for sympathy) of my never-ending day complete with near-death experience. (Anyone who has almost hit or has hit a deer knows what that moment is like.) Mom sent me to bed (in her room) with a hug and some back pats while she took the couch.

Due to some poor planning, my family, MIL and my friend from NJ decided we’d get up around 8 Sunday (Oct. 13) to head to Hershey for the day. I don’t know when I actually fell asleep but it took forever. I was so tired I just remember thinking I would never be able to sleep. Why that happens I don’t understand?

As I said, we spent Sunday at Hershey’s Chocolate World doing all their touristy activities (cheesy movie, chocolate tasting, town tour and “factory” ride) and getting lots of free chocolate. I was just glad I didn’t have to drive.

Tomorrow (Monday, Oct. 14) the Ephrata Cloister.


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