Accomplishing stuff.


I took everything out of the lower cabinets today for a sorting and rearranging session.

First off, let me apologize for the crappy picture. It’s not my finest work but you get the gist. Now, let’s move on.

I make a list every year of stuff that I’d like to accomplish and post it somewhere visible. This list usually gets lost after the first few days and everything I planned on doing gets forgotten in favor of Law & Order marathons or curling up with a book. (Both of these things are worthy time wasters and shouldn’t be mocked at all.)

This year, I decided to change tactics and didn’t bother to write anything down so there was nothing for me to loose a week into the new year. Problem solved. Go me! Now this might sound surprising but I’ve managed to get all my (mental) plans for the past week crossed off. Maybe I found a system that works for me.

Monday – After my usual Monday stuff (cleaning bathrooms, laundry, and errands), I sorted out the pantry, tossing out anything expired, inedible or unwanted. I found that I had two separate vacuum containers with whole wheat flour and two more of sugar (all half full). So I dumped them together, freeing up spaces and two vacuum containers for other things. Awesome.

Tuesday – I finished my project life album for 2013. I was waiting for DH to go back to work and pictures from friends and decided to just get it done and off my desk. Last year, took 3 albums so I’m planning on digitally scrapbooking this year and printing a book out at the end. I’m planning on scanning whatever stuff I collect and adding it to the pages. Anything important will be put in a envelope in the back.

Wednesday – I started scrapbooking our day-trip to Safari West with DH’s parents for their 50th wedding anniversary.

Thursday – DH worked from home so I didn’t sort through the kitchen cabinets as planned but did more scrapbooking instead. More fun anyway.

Friday (today) – I took pants I bought DH for Christmas that he hated. (My fault for trying something new!) I treated myself to three pairs of new jeans. I drove by three homes in three towns to see if we would want to tour them this weekend. After all that, I still managed to sort through the cabinets and reorganize everything. Of course, we’ll find a house now and all the hard work won’t matter. Ah well.

Overall, I think I should get a few stickers, gold stars preferably, or a nice dinner. Hm. I’m sure DH will be game. I need to figure out my list for next week. Anyway, I should be scrapbooking.


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