Do – Part 2


Carved stamps.

I’m still working through my collection of “STUFF IN UNOPENED BOXES” that we either moved here with or received in the past four years. When (and if) we buy a house, anything we don’t need or use is going. I’ve started now by putting some superfluous kitchen stuff in the closet and purging my clothes last December, but there’s a long way to go.

Two birthdays ago, my fabulous friend sent me a stamp carving kit and various other stuff from my birthday wish list. Unfortunately, everything sat in a bin until last month. I even had bought a book (Carve, Stamp, Play: Designing and Creating Custom Stamps) this past October. I didn’t want to mess up. There was also the sharp carving tools and I’m a klutz. I could just imagine the copious amounts of blood I’d be donating to the Stamp Carving Spirits. I knew it would be bad. I just KNEW! 

Turns out, I was off a bit on the danger zone part (just ever so slightly!). Sure, the blades are sharp but I’ve yet to cut myself and, if I haven’t managed it yet, then cutting oneself probably isn’t a huge threat.

Stamp carving is messy but I’ve enjoyed every minute. I carved pretty much every assignment in Carve, Stamp, Play and even made two monograms (DH’s idea). My first big mistake was on the first butterfly I carved (maybe stamp #5 or #6). I carved off what should have been the edge of a wing. Ah well. I finished carving it out and then tried again the next day. I cut the butterfly with the missing wing in half and tossed out the mistake. All gone.

I’m thinking I’ll be dragging it all out again later today. I was going to go shopping for my sister’s birthday present but the complex we live in is getting power-washed and our front door was taped shut when I tried to leave earlier. (Seriously!) I could use the back door, I suppose, but I don’t think I should take up repelling from the deck on bedsheets. I’m lame. What can I say. Three stories is a long way to fall.

I’m getting the hang of this whole USE OR GO thing. I’m looking around and thinking “do we really need that?” DH would probably say “NO!” unless I was talking about the TV. I have way more stuff than I need and way more stuff than DH. First step is admitting there might be a problem. Second step, fiddle around a bit with what could be solutions or just a great way to waste a few days. Three, send stuff to family and friends so it’s no longer in the house and now their problem. (Plus, they get snail mail that isn’t a bill or election fliers; thereby, making their day.) And, if you find out you really did need XYZ, they can send it back.

Baby steps, right?


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