Project on hold.

ImageWell, I got all my pieces cut out and started sewing them together. It only took two rows to know that I miscalculated the amount of triangles needed and I was going to need more fabric. Sigh. I went ahead and sewed the triangles into pairs and ordered more fabric yesterday, which I’m hoping might come tomorrow and I can get back to working on this. I expect lots of cutting in a my future. And I thought I was done with the bit. Ah well.

Further proof that I am far from perfect.

Since I had the extra time, I spent yesterday doing my Weekly album. I had stopped halfway through Week 11 (March 10 to 16, I go Monday through Sunday to keep the weekends together). I’m happy to say that I got it all caught up yesterday. A few weeks only had enough pictures for a single spread so I’m sure that was part of the reason why I got done so fast. Today, I spent catching up my photoblog. Again, missing more pictures than I would like. I’ve fallen off the “daily photo” habit.


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