Back again.


A work-in-progress.. that is churning in place.

DH and I took a little last minute trip to Disneyland at the end of April. He had just finished a bunch of big stuff at work and was feeling really stressed. So much so that he actually said he wanted to change careers. (He’s always loved his work.) So, after talking to his Senior Manager, who freaked out when DH told him how unhappy he was, he got some things reworked and was told to take a few days to recharge. Awesome.

Last week, we were back home. DH back to work much happier than he had been just the week before. Nothing about his job has changed much officially but he and his managers have discussed moving him to another project or just cutting what he’s in charge of. We’ll see what the future brings.

As for me, I was still trying to figure out what to do with my quilt project. I got the various rows completed last week but have been hm-hawing about what I want to do next. Borders? No Borders? Gray? No Gray? So, I’m leaning towards borders, a thin white one and a dark purple because it doesn’t seem big enough to snuggle in to read a book. Maybe I’m just weird (Our couch blanket is King Size because DH says I don’t share well). Still don’t know about the gray.

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