Back again.

I haven’t done anything to exciting. I just lost track of time and found myself a bit behind for no reason at all.

I finished piecing my quilt backing together… but I forget the names of the fabric I used… Then I got a really bad sinus infection and spent a week or so just sitting on the couch wishing I could breathe and taste food.

Then back to quilting once I felt better…

I used some leftover fabric pieces to try to free motion quilting. Ha. Not as easy as people make it look so I’ve decided to stick with wavy lines. I used some extra triangle rows from the quilt top to practice and see if I could make the lines wavy without making them too uniform. It went better than I expected. Not perfect, but much better results than the free motion quilting idea.

I laid everything out and started pinning it all together. After spending far too long on the floor, I realized the backing had shifted and I didn’t have enough at the top of the quilt and had to unpin all my work. Sigh.

I haven’t re-basted the quilt yet because when I rearranged furniture for floor space, I noticed a wet spot on the dishwasher cabinet. Luckily, maintenance came yesterday and switched out the dishwasher for a new one. It was leaking through the door… even with a new door gasket. The maintenance guy said he’d never seen a leak like that in his career. We’re lucky people, I guess.

So, the plan is to have DH help me layout the quilt pieces tomorrow or Friday while he’s off so I can maybe avoid the problems I had last week. Fingers crossed.



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