New Project.

I’ve been working on getting stuff started/done that I have been putting off from fear of messing them. So far, I haven’t had any disasters with any of my projects. My current project is a quilt that I have wanted to make for most of last year. I even bought the fabric during a sale right before Christmas. So it’s only took me until the last day of March to get started. I have to say that’s better than my other neglected projects.



Fat quarter stack before I cut into it.

I have all the pieces cut out (I think) and started playing with the layout yesterday. I’m still not sure what the final design will be but I’m not stressing too much over it.

Action cutting shot.

Cutting set up.

I’ll be laying out the pieces again (I had them on the living room floor, only spot big enough) after I get my Easter cards made for family and friends.