Still working.


I’ve been working away on my second quilt. After sewing three rows of triangles together I realized that I needed to break them up a little or the quilt would look really bad due to my inaccurate cutting. I couldn’t save the points on most of the triangles but it looked better with a barrier so I added gray stripes between the rows. It seems to be helping. The quilt is far from perfect but I don’t hate it any longer, which I take as a positive step forward. I’ve got the fabric for the backing but I need to get some batting because the quilt ended up longer than I expected once I added the borders.

All for now.


Back again.


A work-in-progress.. that is churning in place.

DH and I took a little last minute trip to Disneyland at the end of April. He had just finished a bunch of big stuff at work and was feeling really stressed. So much so that he actually said he wanted to change careers. (He’s always loved his work.) So, after talking to his Senior Manager, who freaked out when DH told him how unhappy he was, he got some things reworked and was told to take a few days to recharge. Awesome.

Last week, we were back home. DH back to work much happier than he had been just the week before. Nothing about his job has changed much officially but he and his managers have discussed moving him to another project or just cutting what he’s in charge of. We’ll see what the future brings.

As for me, I was still trying to figure out what to do with my quilt project. I got the various rows completed last week but have been hm-hawing about what I want to do next. Borders? No Borders? Gray? No Gray? So, I’m leaning towards borders, a thin white one and a dark purple because it doesn’t seem big enough to snuggle in to read a book. Maybe I’m just weird (Our couch blanket is King Size because DH says I don’t share well). Still don’t know about the gray.



Doll quilt with pillows in cradle.

I finally packaged up the quilt for my mom and the little doll quilt, sheet and pillows I made for my 6 year old niece and sent them off via UPS last week. For the doll quilt, I used the cradle my dad made me when I was 2 or 3 for Christmas. (He made the walnut stain from trees in the yard. My older sister got one too that year. The only difference I remember was that her finish was darker…) The cradle is the only piece of woodworking I have that my dad made. He made all sorts of things while I was growing up… even all my teenage bedroom furniture because they didn’t have money to buy it like they had for my older sister. My sister’s furniture is long gone but my old bedroom furniture was taken over by my brother when I left for college. It’s pretty plain and far from fashionable but it’s sturdy and still manages to corral my brother’s crap. 

I have some great memories of playing with this cradle. We even use to stand in and rock ourselves. (It only survived this long because of some quality build construction on my dad’s part.) My sister’s daughter loves the cradle she has at home and is the envy of all her friends for having baby bed that rocks.

Off for errands and stuff.




After way longer than I planned, I finished the quilt for my mom this weekend!

It’s done! Go me! Is it perfect? No! Am I happy with it anyway? Yes! Will my mom be happy and surprised? Definitely!

I used the Squares & Strips tutorial on Cluck Cluck Sew. For a completely quilting newbie, I found her directions concise and easy to follow. (I’ve been sewing since I was a kid though so I’m sure that helped too.) I would have planned things out differently with my own fabric had I cut a quilt before with saving the more fussy patterns for larger blocks and using the plaids, dots and stripes for the framing. But you live and learn and then you rip out your seams.


Extra binding rolled for a later project.

Last week, I cut my own bias binding using the method 2 tutorial from JayBird Quilts. Again, I found the directions fairly easy to follow. I did make a few mistakes but that was due to my own generally klutziness (cutting through the fabric in another spot while cutting the line with scissors) and forgetting why I had pinned the fabric the way I did and having to rip out stitches. I cut way more binding then I needed for the quilt I made so I rolled it up as suggested and stuck it in a drawer.

DH was very proud that I finished the quilt, esp. after all my setbacks with the first round of quilting I did. He was expecting the pieces to end up in a drawer or ashes burnt on our deck, I think. What can I say? He knows me pretty well. I had moments of really wanting to give up but I wanted to say I finished the stupid thing at the same time.

In the last couple weeks, it’s helped keep my mind off missing Dixie too much. Now, I’m done so I don’t know if I’ll start another project or just mope around for a bit.




Me, ripping out a bit of quilting. (Picture taken with camera on tripod with timer. )

I’ve been working on the quilt for my mom almost everyday this week and last week. I’ve had to remove some of the quilting because of really bad puckers but overall it’s going better than I expected. It’s rather therapeutic. Today, I’m cutting the binding for the doll quilt I’ve been using to practice on. I might even get to the actual quilt binding today… but I’m not going to push myself too much. I tend to jump into things and then mess up everything so I’m hoping that slowing down (and thinking first – novel I know!!) before just grabbing the rotary cutter and slashing the fabric up.

Maybe she’ll get it before Easter! Wouldn’t that be a surprise. Since it’s still cold back there, it’ll even get used a bit before the summer heat sets in. (I think they had snow yesterday. Fun!)



I basted my quilt again.

Before all the drama with Dixie started on Thursday afternoon, I was in the midst of re-basting the quilt for my mom. Taking out the stitches from my first failed quilting attempt took forever. And then I put off working on it for a few days.

I pressed the quilt top again on Monday with intentions of starting basting on Tuesday but Dixie had her first panting attack early Tuesday morning and I spent the rest of the day waiting for the vet to call. Not the right mind frame for quilting.

Thursday I had to press the quilt top again (my own fault for how I hung it up) and the quilt back because keeping it nicely folded for two weeks left creases. Anyway, I had everything taped down and was halfway through my second basting row when I heard the sound of Dixie vomiting in the office. (I’ll be honest and admit my first thought was :Thank God she threw up in there and not out here on my quilt. The next was: Oh no.) Then there was the panting, etc., that I wrote about yesterday.

When we got back home, Dixie crawled into her bed and went to sleep so I figured I should finish quilt basting. I made sure to use way more pins this time. I actually had to run down to the store at the corner and get some regular safety pins so I could finish. By the time I was done, I was stiff everywhere but happy to have finished. I rolled it up and put it out of the way.

Now, I just need to prep myself for quilting round 2. Deep breaths. No time today since the in-laws are coming. We’ll see about tomorrow. Monday’s out because I have to go in for jury duty.